Friday 27 July 2012

Custom music for all: MusicFlow

Hours and hours of summer holiday videos are no doubt being cranked out everyday, many of them to never actually be watched. The production values required to make truly watchable video are very high, and include good and ruthless editing, titling, and a proper soundtrack. We now have some super easy and powerful tools for editing and titling, but music has been a really tough thing to get right. Most of us don't have composers and orchestras at our beck and call. But this has all changed with made-to-measure music with MusicFlow from MuseMantik.

Now in open beta, MusicFlow let's you pick a style of music and dictate the required emotions on a time line for your video. So if there's a an exciting bike stunt at 3m 27s you can crank excitement up to maximum, fading away to the sunset behind the mountain to close at 5m 43s.

As an experiment I showed MusicFlow to my 12 year old daughter who likes making videos, including Lego animations, but always struggles with music and sound effects.  She got it immediately and is now eager to lay down some tracks for a new animation that she and a friend were working on.

So if you are looking to make a polished summer vacation video, check out MusicFlow to add your own soundtrack.

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