Monday 18 April 2011

Three things iPhones do better

Prior to iOS 4 I had a strong preference for Android. 4.x has narrowed that to a slight preference, mainly because folders are really neat. But there are three things where iOS is slicker than Android:

  • Reconnecting to wifi
  • Automatically splitting words when you don't tap the space properly
  • Popping up the accented character box
All small things, but they can be the niggliest. 

One area where they are just as niggly as each other is the wilful way they select just the wrong wifi signal. This, of course, only applies if you have more than one available, but that is the position in which I find myself quite often. And both phones always pick the one I don't want. Systematically. I guess they are just proving they are computers under the cute hardware.

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