Saturday 25 December 2010

Missing integration

My Nexus 1 has succumbed to a common problem - the power button has stopped working. This is the one on the top that also serves as the first step in unlocking the device. I was only able to unlock by phoning myself and hence gain access to my messages which was inconvenient but effective. I called Vodafone on Thursday and spoke to a friendly and helpful chap called Neil.

Unfortunately Neil needed the IMEI so I had to take out the battery, and of course I couldn't turn the device back on again. So Neil orders me up a swap-out replacement for the following morning with the warning that given the weather it might not arrive in time before Christmas. It didn't, and I've no idea when it will arrive.

So here I am wondering who has been trying to contact me. At least with HulloMail I know when anybody has called as I get an email with any voice message as an attachment. I'm now so used to using cloud-based email that it seemed immediately obvious that I should be able to access SMS service via the web. But you can't, or not on Vodafone anyway. Surely I should be able to see pending messages and send new ones when I am logged in? And how about a nice on-line backup of the ones that are on my phone that I now can't rescue? Nope, they are siloed off into telco space.

Surely an opportunity for someone?

PS Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it.

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