Magazine Writing

I had a lot of fun working with FTP since I started writing the Beyond the Code column in the VBPJ, now Visual Studio Magazine. Sadly none of the articles are now available on line.
FTP Online Special Reports
Service Oriented Architecture: Planning the Transition to SOA
Lifecycle Management: Life Begins at Requirements
Enterprise Architect
Planning for the Autonomic Enterprise
Enterprise Development
FTP published a magazine called Enterprise Development for a while. I was theHerding Cats columnist as well as a regular feature author.
CM: Use it or loose it
Offshore outsourcing: the pain, the gain
Banking on EAI Finally Pays Off
Tools across time zones
The Front End: With mobile front ends, form follows function
The Front End: Have thin clients won the war? Not yet!
The Front End: Manage development better with CMM
This Old Code: Give your old code a facelift
This Old Code: Test legacy code, too
Herding Cats: What’s So Bad About Conflict?
Herding Cats: What You Need
Herding Cats: The Extended Office
Herding Cats: Manage Your Manager
Herding Cats: How to Hire a Programmer
Herding Cats: Developer Aid
Herding Cats: The delicate art of letting go
Herding Cats: Surfing office politics
GDPro 4.1 Product Review
XML: The Non-Standard Standard
The Future of Software
This was a one-off special issue magazine to celebrate FTP’s 10th anniversary. Sadly the content is no longer on line. I helped track down several authors as well as contributing my own piece: Build Accessible Software.
Beyond the Code
How to Guarantee Customer Satisfaction
Building Maintainable Code
How To Avoid Testing Your Apps
Manage Software Projects Effectively
Make Your Docs As Good As Your Apps